Tunis, March 23th, 2021

Les Grandes Écoles de la Communication launches the fact-checking Platform: Trust News Tunisia

His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Faouzi Mehdi and His Excellency The Ambassador of The United States of America, Donald Bloom, are attending the Fighting Disinformation and propaganda in Tunisia project launching. During the event taking place at Laico Hotel on March 29th, 2021, at 10:00, Les Grandes Écoles de la Communication will present the fact-checking platform Trust News Tunisia to combat Fake News and propaganda

The project started on October 1st, 2020, with the primary goal of fighting misinformation during the COVID pandemic and organize social mobilization and engage Tunisian communities by involving them in the deconstruction of rumors by informing them of the latest news and facts early.

Four journalists and an editor in Chief are working seven days, and they descrambled more than 500 fake news. Please visit: www.trustnews.tn

Dr. Sahbi Ben Nablia

Project Director


52 963 303

Mohamed Hedi Fahem

Project coordinator


53 690 000

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