Tunis, March 30th, 2021

The International Fact-Checking Network launches training program in Tunisia within the GEC team

The Les Grandes Écoles de la Communication and the International Fact-Checking Network at the Poynter Institute of the United States announce a training program to build capacity in fact-checking.

The goal is to provide Les Grandes Écoles de la Communication with fact-checking skills and connect them with the existing verified signatories through mentorship and monitoring to assure the organization will be compliant to IFCN’s Code of Principles.

The Poynter Institute, home to the IFCN, is known for its excellence in journalism instruction with expertise in ethics, leadership, media literacy, and storytelling. Through this initiative, the IFCN will bridge its existing fact-checking experts and training programs with Poynter’s renowned journalism curriculum, training materials, and faculty members.

Trainees will be provided with instruction to build skill sets in:

  • Fact-checking techniques
  • Addressing health-related mis/disinformation
  • Business development
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Multimedia journalism
  • Audience building

Training sessions will be presented in three stages of pre-recorded materials, self-directed courses and live discussions, followed by an ongoing mentorship and monitoring process offered by the verified signatories of IFCN’s Code of Principles. Instruction will begin in April.

“Our objective is to help the growing fact-checking community in Tunisia with essential know-how on building a fact-checking unit and providing the public with accurate and reliable information amid this global pandemic and the anticipated debates around vaccination efforts. We have seen that fact-checkers have been instrumental in helping consumers and disseminators of information during times of uncertainty” Said Baybars Orsek, director of the IFCN

“The team is proud to be part of the training and committed to being a significant player in Tunisian scene to offer reliable information and a part of the International fact-checking community.”
Said Dr. sahbi Ben Nablia, GEC CEO

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